How It Works


Duck Deals Waterfowl Club is a membership club for passionate duck hunters. 

Our goal here at Duck Deals is to provide our members with a home for all things duck hunting and duck hunting gear.

The cost of quality hunting gear has skyrocketed in the past few years and with that in mind we have created a very unique way of helping our members get their hands on some of the best duck gear in the industry. 

We do this in one simple but exciting way... We give it away to them for FREE! 

With our daily, weekly and monthly giveaways we strive to give away as much gear to our loyal members as we can afford to get our hands on.


Here is how it works:

We do a daily giveaway each and every day 7 days a week 365 days a year. 

There are 2 ways you can be eligible to be entered into our daily giveaway.

    1. Non Members - Opting into our email list will give you a single entry for our next daily prize. This prize is available to be won by ALL of our paying / full members and is also available to be won by those who have opted into our email list. Those who are not full paying members are only eligible for our  "next" daily giveaway. Once this giveaway is completed they are no longer entered into future giveaways. 

    2. Paying Members - Our full members are entered into ALL of our daily, weekly and monthly giveaways. 

We offer monthly memberships as well as a yearly option. The monthly plan is $11.95 a month and is automatically billed to your card each month and the yearly plan is $119.95 which is billed to your card just once a year. The yearly plan is a savings of over $20 per year. (prices subject to change)

We also offer membership upgrades to our full members. Currently, we have a 5X and a 10X upgrade option. 

The 5X upgrade gets you entered into each and every giveaway 5 times and the 10X upgrade gets you entered into all our giveaways 10 times. By adding a 5 or 10X upgrade to your membership greatly increases your chances of winning one of our daily, weekly or monthly prizes.



We also now offer a weekly prize for our favorite picture that is submitted to us that week. Pictures can be sent to us via the hashtag #duckdeals also via our Instagram or Facebook page. 

To have your images considered they must contain our logo in some way. Whether it be using our decals, apparel or another creative way you can dream up. 

We try to feature all the images we receive on our homepage and or social media pages. So we encourage you to send us pics often so we can share what you are up to with the rest of the Duck Deals Waterfowl Family. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and we will gladly get back to you promptly. 


Thank you for your interest in Duck Deals Waterfowl Club! 


Owner - Duck Deals Waterfowl Club.